Practices and Perspectives

News Automation at Work


Samuel Danzon-Chambaud (Dublin City University) investigates how automated journalism is impacting and transforming the daily workflows of media practitioners. Before that, he worked as a journalist and producer for CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada’s public broadcaster.
Laurence Dierickx (Université Libre de Bruxelles/ReSIC) explores the conditions for a fruitful man-machine relationship in automated news. She is also a journo-dev working on journalism and digital projects such as web design, data and editorial.
Leo Leppänen (University of Helsinki) studies how to apply natural language generation to news and other similar topics. Outside of news automation, he has a background in software engineering and educational data mining.
Dr. Carl-Gustav Lindén (University of Helsinki) is a journalism and media researcher at the Swedish School of Social Science, at the University of Helsinki. He is interested in journalism and media innovations, as well as media business models. He previously led the Immersive Automation project, which investigated critical issues relating to news automation.
Stefanie Sirén-Heikel (University of Helsinki) looks into how algorithmic decision-making and automation impacts journalistic processes and newsroom management, with a focus on the sociotechnical aspects of innovation and communication. She has a background in broadcast, print and digital, as a reporter and producer.
Hanna Tuulonen (University of Helsinki) examines the state of data-driven media in China, and the extent to which the country is a considerable player in the field of news automation. She is also a freelance journalist and correspondent for Lännen Media.
Updated on: 08-15-2019